The London 2012 Olympics and Quest Taekwondo

Between the 8th and 11th of August 2012, 128 athletes from 63 countries vied for top honours at the London Olympic Games.

London 2012 Games Makers

Quest's founder and Chief Instructor, Mike McKenzie, had a very key role to play at The Games.  Firstly, he was was recruited as the Technical Operations Manager, and then later promoted to Sports Manager in charge of Taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Karen Moody, Rebecca McKenzie and Laura Holness, all Quest Taekwondo Black Belt members, were also all selected to be Games Makers at the event and had key roles to play.

The London 2012 Olympic Taekwondo event was a huge success and was hailed by the World Taekwondo Federation as the "best taekwondo competition ever".

Reporting on the Games, Tom Degun (Inside the Games, August 2012) sums it up nicely,

Going into the London 2012 Olympics few people predicted that taekwondo would be one of the hits of the Games. But to anyone who witnessed the competition at ExCeL it was a stunning triumph where competitors from 21 countries shared the 32 medals on offer to finally end doubts that this was a sport whose roots had spread beyond its birthplace in Korea.

Of course, some of the best moments for the home crowds were Jade Jones winning Gold and Lutalo Muhammed Bronze medals.   But anyone who attended the event will tell you that the atmosphere at every session, and the support for all athletes, was phenomenal.

Jade Jones wins GoldJade Jones wins Gold
LutaloLutalo ins GoldAs Degun (August 2012) goes on to report, This was a sport that the whole world could play. It was arguably the most universal sport of the Olympics.

So many countries made history here by getting their first medals in the sport of taekwondo, and some even their first or only medals of their Games,

said Dr Chungwon Choue, the President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

Dr Chungwon Choue Olympic Plaque After the event, Mike was presented with a plaque by Dr Chungwon Choue inscribed, 'In appreciation of your dedication and support to the development of the Olympic sport of Taekwondo'. But Mike is clear that he intends that it doesn't all stop now that the responsibility has been passed on and Rio look to the future .....

Olympic Legacy

Mike McKenzieThe message of London 2012 was to "Inspire a Generation".  I plan to do just that in Penistone by delivering excellent Taekwondo classes for all ages and abilities at the Sports Centre, Penistone Grammar School.  

At Quest Taekwondo our mission is to ensure people achieve their potential both in Taekwondo and in life.  Taekwondo develops health and fitness, confidence, and is suitable for all.

"Quest - To be the best"  the best you can be, the best instructors, the best Taekwondo club.

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