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A great day at the Penistone Gala

A great day at the Penistone Gala

A great day was had by all at the Penistone Gala today. We first joined the parade for a tour around Penistone and a sunny day meant a large crowd in the town centre. Leading the way we had Captain America and Spidergirl in their Daedo fighting kit and we were well received by the crowds.

We then proceeded to the Gala show ground and presented a series of 3 demo’s and also ran ‘have-a-go’ sessions all afternoon for both local kids and adults. It was a great day where we showed off the talent of the kids and also raised awareness about taekwondo. Our Quest athletes did a great job in providing enjoyable demo’s and helping potential athletes of the future have a try at their sport. They also had time for a bit of team bonding and fairground fun!

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