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Quest Cadet athletes participate in a Sports Science and Injury Management Study

Quest Cadet athletes participate in a Sports Science and Injury Management Study

"A Comparison of the Physiological Responses between Cadet Taekwondo Athletes during Training and Competition" (Shannon Kincade, 2014)

During the course of 2014, Quest Cadet athletes were asked to participate in a study undertaken by Shannon Kincade as part of her BSC (Hons) Sports Science and Injury Management Study.  We’re very pleased to report a brief synopsis of the results, along with the recent news that Shannon obtained a 1st Class Grade for the study (Congratulations Shannon!)

The premise for the study was an appreciation that, with the development of Taekwondo as a competitive sport, the demands placed upon athletes have increased. However, it had been speculated that methods of Taekwondo training had not progressed enough, implying that athletes could not meet the physiological demands of competition.  The purpose of this study was to determine and compare the physiological responses elicited during training and competition in cadet Taekwondo athletes; and to determine the player load of cadet taekwondo athletes during training and competition.

Her research found that the hypothesis’ that Taekwondo competition would have significantly increased physiological responses, player load and rate of perceived exertion in comparison to training should be rejected. The results of the study indicated that the HR, RPE and PL responses of cadet Taekwondo athletes during training activities do in fact overlap the responses of competition. Therefore, the results found that Taekwondo training activities do replicate the physiological responses of competition in cadet athletes. 

Kincade states that Taekwondo could be considered a contemporary sport in comparison to mainstream sports and as a result of this there is significantly less literature available. She stresses the importance of determining whether the current level of Taekwondo training has improved to meet the increased demands of sport Taekwondo.  Much of the research involves profiling senior Olympic athletes and therefore Kincade’s research is a valuable insight into the training of up-and-coming cadet athletes.

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