Green Plus Brown Equals Gold!

on Thursday, 10 October 2013. Posted in Competitions and Seminars

Paul Green (GB National Squad Coach) and Gareth Brown (GB Junior Squad Coach), both accomplished international Taekwondo athletes and Sports Instructors, conducted a most enjoyable seminar at the Quest Penistone venue last weekend.  The focus was upon Sport Taekwondo and both coaches brought their wealth of knowledge to a hall full of eager students.

The day started with a fun but very effective warm up.   This then moved onto a focus upon strength and conditioning, and training techniques relevant to application within competitive Taekwondo.  Particular emphasis was placed upon good training practices to ensure that important technical elements such as balance, movement, defence techniques and good recovery are incorporated into all basic drills and even the simplest of exercises.

The day was made more enjoyable by some stunning displays of Taekwondo techniques from Paul Green and Gareth Brown, that really inspired the students to give their best.

The session was rounded off by a golden point competition, with real team spirit developing between the two teams as the match points accumulated and with the realisation that the losing team were at the mercy of the victors for their forfeit.  There was such camaraderie amongst the students by the end of the seminar that 3 laps around the hall doing a chicken dance brought more fits of laughter than shame and embarrassment.  

It was a great day and Quest's Chief Instructor, Mike McKenzie, sums it up, "Gareth and Paul delivered a brilliant seminar which was very well presented. The content was the latest competition techniques for Taekwondo athletes. The abilities of the coaches was outstanding whilst all present got a really good workout and enjoyable session"

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