Martin Stamper Development Workshop

on Sunday, 10 November 2013. Posted in Competitions and Seminars

Martin Stamper Development Workshop

Quest Taekwondo students attended the Martin Stamper Development Workshops at the GB Taekwondo training venue in Manchester last weekend, along with students from other UK clubs.  The workshops offer the opportunity for highly focused training with one of the UK’s most successful Taekwondo players, who is an Olympic competitor and experienced World Class Taekwondo athlete.  Having attended one of Martin's seminars on a previous occasion, most knew to expect fast-paced and highly effective training very clearly focused upon the competing player.   No-one was disappointed, and it was clear that all those who attended learnt new skills and techniques and had a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable day.  For spectating parents and club instructors it was clear to see how focused the young people were, and their motivation to learn from the best was evident throughout the whole day.  Their desire to learn was equalled by Martin's passion to pass on his knowledge and experience to a new generation of Taekwondo athletes.  When speaking about his workshops martin states, “My aim is to give young athletes a taste of a higher level of Taekwondo and hopefully help them for the future when they move into Cadet/Junior”.

One of Martin's sponsors, Water To Go, donated some bottles and these were given away to the 2 people who stood out and impressed the most on the day.  Well done to Josh from Chi and Luke from Quest Taekwondo.  Perhaps one of the most amusing parts of the day were the post-training discussions of the many different possibilities of what could be filtered through those bottles.  Not many of which can be posted here ....

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